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Last Mile

Eliminate the "last mile problem" in your supply chain by increasing real-time visibility in your outbound distribution.
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Cross-docking Visibility
and Control

Improve your cross-docking operations through real-time accuracy and efficiency of flow through.
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3PL Visibility

Increase visibility, improve customer service and accelerate revenue flow with a single point of access to manage your complex third-party logistics networks.
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Route Planning
& Optimization

Enable your team to analyze the most efficient use of resources while producing the most economical routes.
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Our Customers

We track more than 9 million items per day for some of the top companies in the industries we serve. Learn More
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Perform for Route Planning and Optimization

Develop smarter service and delivery routes – requiring fewer vehicles on the road. Learn More

Perform for 3PL Visibility

Create a single point of access to manage your 3PL partners and ensure customer expectations are always met. Learn More

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Missing in Action

Delivery containers and pallets cost thousands – yet many organisations are grinning and bearing the losses as these often ubiquitous transport mechanisms are deserting the frontline rarely to be seen again. So why isn’t more attention paid to the demise of the container in an industry of ever tightening margins?


Carriers: Overcoming the Barriers to Near Real-Time Order Visibility

During the course of recent conversations with customers, partners and prospects, we identified that one of the biggest pain points for carriers today are providing visibility for the brands they represent – and doing so in near real-time (within two hours) and at the lowest possible cost. Today, many carriers… Read more


Pallets and Containers: Missing in Action

Most industries today that have a delivery logistics aspect put their product in a container or on a pallet for delivery. As the margins get tighter and they push for more efficiency, the costs of these pallets and containers start to become significant in the operation of the business. Trying… Read more


Good Driver Experience Underpins Good Customer Experience

Logistics companies are focusing hard on improving the customer experience. But with driver numbers now at a record low, without a coherent strategy for retaining drivers – and encouraging the younger generation into the workforce – realising customer experience objectives will be impossible.

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Recent Blog


Next week, Airclic is off to IFDA to meet with partners, clients and industry leaders and discuss the latest changes and products in the exciting, and rapidly evolving food distribution supply chain. At this year’s event, the Airclic team will be showcasing our cloud-based, mobile food distribution software, Perform® for… Read more

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