ePoD for the Wholesale/Retail Supply Chain

Accuracy and Efficiency Lead to Distribution Success

The wholesale and retail distribution landscape is shifting with increasing velocity and veracity. Today’s retail consumer is different. They are empowered with many more channels, shopping options and paths to purchase, putting them in firm control of the shopping process. At the same time, consumers’ expectations for the “perfect order” are higher than ever before. This is an age-old problem, but is carrying greater risk as delivery windows are shortening through new options like same-day delivery and retailers are forced to carry more SKU’s that they make available online to compete. This results in much greater retail supply chain complexity.

The distribution industry’s biggest concern is moving product from the manufacturer to the market. For wholesale/retail distribution, unsatisfied customers – be they business or consumer – will negatively impact your company’s performance. To be successful, every stage of the retail supply chain must strive to be as efficient and as productive as possible – but not at the cost of accuracy.

More and more distributors are moving away from error-prone and expensive manual, paper-based operations. They are looking for solutions that can help manage their last mile of the supply chain, providing true real-time visibility every step of the way.

With increased visibility, managers can better understand their logistics operations and make improvements where needed, increasing efficiency and ensuring there are fewer instances of order errors. A more efficient process also helps companies speed up the time it takes for customers to receive goods. And, the sooner that customers get the correct goods in their hands, the happier they’ll be – and the better their view of your organization.

To manage all of this complexity behind the scenes, it is imperative that companies have supply chain software that provides real-time visibility into each order throughout the last mile of the delivery process. Flexibility and the ability to use that new found visibility to double (or triple) capacity is critical.

Airclic’s wholesale/retail distribution solutions help ensure accurate orders, putting the correct goods in your customers’ hands faster than ever before. By improving the efficiency of the overall delivery process, companies can dramatically cut down on the number of overages, shortages and damaged (OS&Ds) – eliminating customer disputes, improving customer satisfaction and accelerating the flow of revenue. Contact Airclic today to see how our products can help you reduce errors while improving accuracy – and keeping your customers happy.