Transportation Logistics Software

Perform for Transportation is a mobile cloud-based, electronic proof of delivery (ePoD) solution that is designed to provide added transparency and control into transportation logistics operations. Seven of the top ten third party logistics providers (3PLs) rely on Perform for Transportation to remove paper and processing costs from their delivery process, significantly reducing delivery errors and improving service levels.

Today’s companies are facing the sobering reality of increasing customer demand and declining truckload capacity. And in the age of Omnichannel, if you can’t deliver on-time and as promised, one of your competitors almost certainly will. This makes it absolutely critical that each truck and driver on the road be equipped with the most effective transportation logistics tools available. Choosing the right transportation software and proof of delivery software is paramount to ensuring that you are keeping your customers—and your revenues—right where they should be.

Perform for Transportation offers a host of sophisticated features and functionality that ensure order accuracy and operational efficiency from the distribution center, to the cross dock, to final point of delivery. Our transportation logistics software is particularly critical throughout complex multi-stop orders and at the cross dock, where time is of the essence, and mixing up or overlooking an item for an order is all too easy.

In particular, its cross-docking role has the ability to accurately record items received on the dock, as well as those staged and loaded onto the truck and trailer, resulting in a more efficient, accurate workflow. As a mobile application, proof-of-delivery and chain-of-custody documentation is paperless – and instantaneous. Customer service is greatly improved since our transportation logistics software provides unparalleled insight into the shipments along the route, as well as at the point of delivery for both you and your 3PL.

Leveraging our Perform® for Route Planning and Optimization, Perform for Transportation can calculate optimal routes for all unallocated orders throughout the day. The transportation software system automatically assigns orders to routes and dispatches them to drivers in route, in real-time, continuously adjusting to account for changing conditions to guarantee that end users still receive orders on time.

By moving routing software to the cloud and integrating it in with other key technology used by fleet managers and drivers, the accuracy and efficiency of routes can be greatly improved. Specifically, cloud based routing software can incorporate real-time information from a variety of sources to improve accuracy. These sources include real-time traffic and weather feeds. Having software in the cloud also makes it easier to share real-time data with other applications and to analyze overall business performance.

Our software makes this possible. It creates significant operational efficiencies within fleets of all sizes by reviewing the operational demand for physical resources and optimizing the deployment to meet the transactional flow within the supply chain.

Airclic is a proven leader in enterprise mobility, enabling more than $165 billion in business transactions yearly. Our cloud-based software, which automates and streamlines formerly paper-based processes, is used by more than 300 businesses worldwide to transform the accuracy, efficiency, and competitiveness of their supply chain and logistics operations.

We are a trusted leader when it comes to serving the 3PL transportation needs of all companies – giving your company insight into your business, which is a major advantage in a competitive marketplace.

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