Electronic Proof-of-Delivery

Instead of requiring your drivers to maintain and submit physical paperwork every day – mobile, electronic proof of delivery (ePoD) solutions enable you to provide tracking in real-time and replace manual, paper-based solutions.

Paper-based, manual processes are a common source of problems that can degrade the customer experience. In addition, they prevent real-time data access, which is vital to rapid and effective problem resolution. This lack of visibility causes dissatisfaction and can erode your reputation as a supplier or distributor.

If you can’t reliably fulfill orders, your customers may quickly find a competitor who can.

It can be challenging to manage a complex system based upon manual, paper proof of delivery. By providing electronic proof of delivery you will:

  • Provide your employees with easy-to-use technology that streamlines workflows
  • Give your team greater visibility into delivery operations through dashboard access
  • Enable fast access to your customers’ delivery, billing, and payment data for greater responsiveness and more accurate recordkeeping
  • Provide integrated delivery alerting features to prevent service incidents
  • Let your customers serve themselves by tracking orders in real time

When you deploy an ePoD solution that offers all these capabilities, such as Airclic’s Perform family of products, you’ll position your company to deliver a superior customer experience – and help your customers do the same.